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Mercy University Hospital Cork CLG and Mercy University Hospital Cork Foundation CLG both operate under their own constitutions (which incorporate the Governance Charter of Mercy Care South), with their respective competency based boards approving their strategic plans and the day to day operations overseen by executive management.

 The following powers are reserved to the board of Mercy Care South: 

  • The appointment of the directors of the Mercy companies* as may be recommended by the Nominations Committee of the Mercy company
  • Any alterations or amendments to the constitution of any Mercy company 
  • Any financial transaction that takes place outside the normal day to business of the company or in excess of its threshold figure
  • Any mergers, consolidations or acquisitions by a Mercy company • Changes in the Mission, Vision and Ethos of a Mercy company
  • Any amendment or alteration to the Governance Charter • Any proposed sale, transfer and/or alienation of any land or buildings 
  • The liquidation or winding-up of any Mercy company 

*‘Mercy companies’ refers to Mercy Care South CLG, Mercy University Hospital Cork CLG, Mercy University Hospital Foundation Cork CLG